We are a leading learning solutions and services provider with a global presence. Our primary focus area is Academic Schools, Colleges and Universities. We pioneered learning systems in the root level, and work with several technology partners worldwide. We believe in optimized solutions through defined processes and use of high technology. Our products and solutions add value to our global base of customers and are aimed at meeting their specific business objectives. We provide integration services and enterprise consulting solutions to blue chip companies in the US and Europe. Leveraging a streamlined on-site/offshore and out sourced development model, we can help your organization achieve a world-class level of technical excellence in Enterprise IT Infrastructure for less than half the cost of having the same work done by other industry service providers. Our focus is exclusively on business applications. We excel at leveraging specific industry expertise.

Our industry experience extends to providing solutions to information intensive businesses and includes service methodologies that have received the highest ratings in the industry. At Skill Brahma, we employ an integrated on-site/offshore methodology to rapidly deliver top quality, cost-effective IT integration solutions. By basing our development centers in India, we can tap into a large pool of highly skilled IT professionals with which to service clients on a cost basis significantly lower than that of the US or Europe. In addition, we can accelerate delivery time by offering a 24-hour per day, 7-day per week service, made possible by the time difference between North America and India. Over the years, we have perfected the processes, methodologies and infrastructure needed to overcome the challenges of operating with a project team that spans continents.